About Us
We are Mike, Teresa and Whitney Harrison owners of LONE PINE CATTLE. We also own and operate Harrison Construction, a small company building custom homes. We grew up on family commercial farms in rural Southwest Missouri with Black Angus, Hereford, and Charolois genetics. 

 We acquired 6 Braunvieh heifers in 2000, and although a small breeder in the industry, we now have 90+ head of registered Fullblood and Purebred Braunvieh and Purebred Black Angus cattle.  In addition, we are working on black and polled genetics for the commercial farmer producing  Certified Beef Builders and half-bloods. Our Braunvieh X Angus calves have proven themselves with outstanding hybrid growth and vigor. 
Our goal is to produce seedstock with greater carcass yields and quality. We have a strict culling program based on what we feel is important to us:  birth weight, growth, performance, phenotype  and disposition.  Our herd is based on genetics from some of the top fullblood and purebred foundation females and herd sires in the industry. 

Pay us a visit and see for yourself how Braunvieh X Angus can improve your herd and bottom dollar. When you take home a Lone Pine Cattle herd sire or female, you can be confident it comes from the heart of our herd.

Mike, Teresa & Whitney Harrison

Lone Pine Cattle 



e-mail: mike@lonepinecattle.com
Cassvile, Missouri